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How to Implement Social Media Tools &Tricks for Boosting Traffic to Your Website?

Boosting your website traffic could be a constant and a tough struggle for SEO specialists and online marketers. In a majority of the cases, it is mandatory to put in consistent and smart efforts extending over months or years too, to help your website gain a lucrative niche on the Internet. If you examine the scenario closely, you would find that only a few organizations have been able to get immense traffic soon after their launch. Moreover, all those successful organizations are actually backed by top SEO specialists and expert online marketers.

You would come across an impressive amount of online literature to guide website marketers effectively on the right path. However, experts share a few social media tricks for generating more and more traffic to your website. Here is a summarized version of the most successful and popular strategies that are used for driving traffic to your website.

Facebook Re-Marketing

During the span of one and a half years, the total number of advertisers using Facebook has actually doubled, thus, making Facebook, one of the most rapidly growing advertising platforms. Particularly, B2B marketers and social media marketers have been quite uncertain and to some extent unconvinced about Facebook’s business impact, until a few years back. However, their doubts have all been dispelled ever since then. Facebook marketing platform has come up with features such as re-marketing that has proved to be incredibly fruitful to both B2C and B2B customers.

Today, with Facebook’s effective re-marketing, you could be targeting all those customers who have actually visited your website and this way you could go about boosting your returning traffic. This process could be set-up easily by the installation of the tracking pixel on your site and customization of your target audience consistently on the ad platform of Facebook.

Include an Effective Instagram Ad Campaign

A great way of driving traffic to your site from Instagram would be starting an ad campaign. Instagram ads are actually clickable very much unlike the organic posts. A user could be clicking an ad for going directly to any web page of your preference, but Instagram would also be incorporating a call-to-action button such as Learn More for boosting your click-through rate. Moreover, Instagram ads would be using the Ads backend of Facebook that implies you could be precisely targeting almost all types of users. You could buy real Instagram likes to boost traffic.

Social Media Automation

It is quite amusing how the mention of social media automation is not accepted well by several marketers as the process is all about automating time-consuming jobs for freeing up a lot more time to boost real engagement. There seem to be numerous blog promotion responsibilities that you could effectively automate for maximizing social media traffic, of course, to your website.

When you have already published your post, you need to go on promoting it intensely for reaching your target audience. Paid promotion would not be the option unless you have the capacity to pay for promoting each and every blog post. You could alternatively, chalk out an extensive promotion process for boosting reach and achieving better distribution. Thanks to an auto-posting feature on different social media management tools such as CoSchedule, this job would become really simple and easy.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn could be a wonderful and meaningful source of traffic to your site, provided it is used effectively. Even though these groups seem to be definitely less serious as compared to Subreddits, it could be really important for you to go on maintaining the same consideration and respect while utilizing them chiefly for marketing purposes. You must remain active in groups and carry on interacting on a person to person basis with other members. You must not post too often as you need to avoid spamming groups. You must keep sharing only with relevant groups. Consider building a truly credible LinkedIn profile that boasts of testimonials, achievements, and recommendations.

You could be simplifying the promotion process of blog posts to the LinkedIn groups by effectively using a share plug-in for social media such as SumoMe. This specific plug-in would be sitting on your blog, allowing you to choose your preferred LinkedIn groups for sharing simply by clicking a button.


We have discussed some tried and tested tricks. You could try out the above-discussed social media tricks for driving more and more traffic to your website. Be sure to achieve success in obtaining your goal.

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