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Instagram – Most popular Social Networking Site


A well-known social media app after Facebook is Instagram. This app is owned by Facebook, Inc. it was initially launched in 2010 for is and launched for Android users in 2012. However, the features were limited initially. As the matter of fact, an Instagram app comes with full features for all smart devices in 2016.

The app is similar to facebook and twitter. It was likewise created to upload photos and sharing videos from smartphones. Moreover, Instagram has the same procedure to create an account like Facebook. additionally, there is no such thing of sending a friend request and accepting it. instagram has the “follow” request. A user may follow someone or allow someone to follow you.

Ultimately, your followers can see your posts, videos and photos in your profile. When you upload photos or videos, this stuff will appear on your follower’s newsfeed. Likewise, you also can see posts by your followers on your news feed. Instagram users can also buy Instagram followers to increase the no of followers and to become known to everyone.

Instagram for Celebrities

After Facebook, most of the celebrities now are on Instagram. Generally speaking, they find it easier to get more followers and fan following on Instagram. You can buy cheap Instagram followers uk as well. Most of them buy targeted Instagram followers.

How to use Instagram

  • To use the most out of it, you need to follow the following steps
  • Download the Instagram app from the app store of your smartphone. Then you will be asked to allow access to your phone’s location, gallery.
  • Make an account on Instagram, by just providing some information.
  • Now you are all set to start using your Instagram For instant feedback on your posts, buy Instagram likes and followers.

Instagram via Facebook

You can also connect with Instagram by using your current Facebook account. You will require a username and password to sign in.

Facebook friends on Instagram

Once you are on Instagram, you will be asked to follow friends who are your Facebook friends too. If anyone of your Facebook friend is not on Instagram so you may send them an invitation to join Instagram. You can skip this option and can do it later also.

Customize your Instagram profile

Instagram app has many options to modify your profile name, picture, your bio or any website link (if you wish to add) likewise facebook. Once you start using Instagram, you will be following people and they will follow you back. At the same time, they will want to know about yourself who you actually are.

How to use Instagram as social networking

Instagram is a social networking app. additionally, people engage with this app for the purpose of online socializing, make new friends, and build their social network. There are a lot more things you can do on Instagram to make yourself known.  Post frequently your pictures, videos, where have you been on daily basis, about your work and so on to get more likes and comments. You can buy Instagram likes.

Follow more people

Try to follow more people, you can also buy real active Instagram followers. People will follow you back. Keep your profile publicly open so that it would be easy to catch you on Instagram, you will likely to receive more following requests. You can find many best site to buy 10000 Instagram followers.

Follow back

If you receivethe following request then accept it and follow back. Post maximum pictures, videos and stories on your Instagram. Buy followers on Instagramif you instantly want to increase the number of your fans or you want to make people aware of whatever you are doing in your life.You can also buy Instagram comments to impress your other followers.

Post pictures and share videos

Picture posting has manyvarieties on Instagram. There are many filters available on Instagram that make your pictures glorify and likeable. Apply filters before posting your pictures on your Instagram profile. You can also buy Instagram videos views

Message option on Instagram

Yes!! There is an option of chatting on Instagram as well, you can share any posts with your followers on private chat.

New features addedon Instagram in 2018

Instagram helps to let you see who is online

Instagram helps you to connect your friends and family members directly on private chats. Moreover, Instagram is continuously trying hard to add new features to its users. Now you can see who is online with you. To send an instant message and to check whether the person would be able to see your message then and there, it is now possible. Thnks to the new feature Instagram added.

Now you can see a small green icon or light with the people’s display picture means that they are online and active on Instagram right now. This feature will be available wherever you go (having an internet connection).

Activity Status option

If you do not want to let people know that you are online, then you can go to the new activity status section in the app and switch off the “show activity status” option.

A question asking feature on stories

This is the new feature which was found exciting by the users. Inspite of the fact that Instagram has many other exciting features but this question asking feature has added a boom.

You can now add “ask me a question” on your story and your followers would definitely like to send you a question which they would like to know about you. You will receive the question from the person.

The exciting part of this feature is that any other follower would not know the person who asked the question while you are answering and sharing on the story.

Mute button

This option is introduced for the users who are getting pissed off with any follower. If you are unable to follow any annoying person so you can use the feature mute person without ruining your impression.

Have you ever been super annoyed with someone on your Instagram feed, but you don’t want to follow them at the risk of ruining your friendship/relationship? Then you’re going to be incredibly happy to hear about Instagram new Mute button.

You can mute any follower’s posts on your profile, you can mute any follower to look at your story or your profile.

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