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Know all you need to know about Swift with these useful resources

Apple’s iOS over the past few years – more recently with the iOS 11 and subsequent 11.3 updates – have witnessed a major overhaul. The iOS platform is now more developer-friendly than ever before, enabling iOS developers to integrate a bunch of cool features into their application. The introduction of assists like ARkit, Sirikit, CoreML and the Swift programming language are some of the most notable enhancements made to the iOS platform.

If there was ever a great time to make an iOS-based application, it is now. If you’re a business looking to extend your products and services onto the iOS platform, the next logical step would be to hire iOS developers. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before diving into the iOS app development process.

Whether you’re developing an iOS (or Android) native app, a hybrid application, or are looking to convert an iOS app to Android and vice versa to better serve your purpose, it is important to understand the specific requirements of your business and do a holistic survey of the market you’re looking to enter. Before you hire iOS developers, of course, analyses of market trends, user groups and the trends in the digital world are important.

There has been a tectonic shift from desktop-based applications to mobile software over the past year, and the shift is so strong that it has radically altered our digital landscapes. Many companies out there are looking to hire iOS developers because they all recognize the importance of a mobile-first approach, and how integral it is to the success of your business. All of the above factors are crucial in determining what kind of application to develop, and what kind of expertise in the agency to look for before you hire iOS developers.

The most important element to consider before you hire iOS developers is the introduction of the Swift programming language across all Apple devices. Swift is a coding language used mainly for iOS, MacOS, watchOS, and tvOS, and is different from the existing programming language, Objective- C, which is currently used by Apple to develop a majority of their applications.

Swift is a dynamic programming language which has a precise yet expressive syntax, is easy to use and write with (as some of the syntaxes are similar to Objective-C), and in general enables iOS developers to build apps that are not only functional but engaging and fun as well. Amongst developers, Swift has become a popular coding language, and many iOS developers are prioritizing Swift to create iOS applications.

Its immense popularity is really a no-brainer. It’s safe, fast and easier to work with. Apple’s Tim Cook called it “the future of iOS development” and for good reason. He also went on to say that development and advancements in hardware are essential, but it’s important to arm developers with the right tools so that they can make the best of the hardware they have to work with. Many institutes and online courses are adding Swift to their curriculum, as more iOS app developers realize the important role Swift is going play in the coming years for iOS development.

There is a number of resources that top iOS app developers can utilize to better understand, study, and use Swift for their mobile application development. After all, enterprises look to hire iOS developers as they expect them to be well-versed with Swift.

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