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Digital Marketing

Significant Benefits of Instagram for a Business

There used to be a time when your mobile phone would not double as a camera and when your selfies were nothing. It is obvious that everyone has come a really long way from that time. The social interactions among people are filled with a number of visuals, which include sending a quick photograph to your friends or posing for a selfie.

Social media gives you the freedom to scan through the news feeds that are filled with numerous videos and photos. The rise of Instagram is considered to be astronomical. This is why the brands have started to utilize the benefits of Instagram.

Given below are few significant reasons as to why the brands are making use of Instagram.

Connecting with customers

Instagram has allowed the brands to connect with many customers across different channels, which has helped in increasing the cross-channel engagement. For instance, you have Instagram photos displayed on the business website that you are handling. When a particular customer browses your site, there are chances that he does not follow you on Instagram.

However, when he comes across the colorful and interesting Instagram photos, it is obvious that he will click on your profile and follow you. When you use Instagram photos, you can connect with many customers irrespective of their location.

Attracting engaged traffic

An important benefit of using Instagram is that the traffic that you gain from the post that you have uploaded is highly beneficial for your brand. Instagram plays a crucial role in driving engaged traffic in comparison to the other social channels. Various studies have revealed after comparing other social channels that Instagram is beating out all the other major social networking sites, like Reddit, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook. Instagram also permits you to engage with all your audience, thereby increasing the chances of your customers to come back for purchasing your service or products again.

Boosting the market with user-generated content

User-generated content is considered to be an important and most effective manner of drawing traffic and increasing the sales. If you did not know, it is time that you learn about Instagram and its potential for generating user-generated content. Customers constantly create and share their own images. You can ask permission from them and use these images for marketing your business. This not only means that you are getting free content but also you are making your customers feel an important part of the brand. You can buy real followers for Instagram if you are looking forward to getting more interesting content.

Reusing the marketing materials

When you use Instagram photos as a part of your marketing strategy, you are actually working smarter instead of working hard. You should repurpose your Instagram photos across a number of channels and try to leverage them as the marketing images on your website or in your Instagram advertisements.


Most of the brands believe that the Instagram photos are capable of better conversions in comparison to all the generic photos that are used for advertising. An Instagram photo is more realistic and attractive, which helps in building a lot of trust among your customers.

Author Bio: Daniel Mattei owns a fashion brand and he loves marketing through Instagram, because of the influence that it has on the mass. He suggests fellow marketers get real followers for Instagram to get interesting user-generated content.


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