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What Amenities Do the Most Luxurious Cruises Offer Today?

What Amenities Do The Most Luxurious Cruises Offer Today?

As spring flowers bloom and the smell of summer approaches, cruise lines begin to recover. Planning a fall vacation might be a smart move.

Don’t go for the standard package. Luxurious cruises have amenities that more than make for months of a quarantined staycation.

Taking a cruise lets you see the world at a slower pace. Grant it, it’s not like being 60,000 feet in the air. It’s better. Cruise lines allow you to see multiple locations for one price.

That means you can book a cruise to Jamaica and make pit stops in St. Lucia or Barbados. There are also activities like swimming and karaoke that you can’t do on a plane. 

Can’t wait to plan your next vacation? Find out here all the possibilities of enjoying resort life on luxurious cruises.

Luxurious Cruises Personal Butlers

You read that right. Luxurious cruise lines assign butler to every cabin. They wait on you hand and foot from morning until sunrise. 

That means if you want hot towels at 3 a.m., you get them. Butler brings whatever you want whenever you want it. That’s like living like a celebrity out to see. 

Racetracks and Deck Fun

Cruise lines take luxury to the next level with state-of-the-art deck fun. Ships like the Norwegian Bliss Cruise Ship have multiple large pools, hot tubs, and waterfalls. 

If that doesn’t spell luxury, put on a helmet and race on a two-level track. Yes, you can experience your own little Nascar fun racing around a cruise ship. 

Luxury Movie Theatre

You don’t have to dock at a port to catch a movie on land. You get to watch a blockbuster film on the ship. Luxurious cruise lines have luxury movie theatres with all the bells and whistles. 

They also have performance theatres to catch live shows at no additional charge. 

If that’s not luxury enough, add a rollercoaster ride into the mix. Imagine riding a carnival ride almost 200 feet above sea level, watching the open ocean. When that bores you, go take in a few hours of laser tag. 

Submarine Ride

It’s unbelievable but true. Luxury liners allow you to take an expedition from the ship in a mini-submarine. Some mini-subs let you go down as far as 1000 feet. 

Luxury cruise lines also have marina platforms that permit snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming in the open ocean. 

Escape Rooms 

Escape rooms are the growing crave for group outings and date nights. Customers get locked in a room for a set amount of time. Together they have to sift through clues to find a key that helps them escape the room. 

Imagine experiencing that on a cruise ship. Passengers fight to free themselves from a high-tech room with special effects. It’s like being a part of a live-action movie. 

Take a Cruise

Luxurious cruises offer relaxing travel with unbelievable amenities. Start planning for a fall cruise vacation to remember. 

Let us help you with more travel tips like this. Look at our travel guide for the latest popular vacation destinations.

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