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11 Counties Where You Can Buy Cheap Land

Buy Cheap Land

In the back of your mind, do you long fora beautiful placeto call your own?

Not to live on, but to use for camping, hunting or dirt biking?

We all have those spotswhere we like to go each year because they speak to us and help us regenerate.

And we have all probably thought about buying an out-of-the-way parcel as a regular camping spot or vacation home.

But it’s hard to justify the expense of buying land just for recreational purposes.

So, if you are looking for cheap land in the US, here are a few of the most inexpensive counties for buying vacant land.

Perhaps you can find the perfect lot in one of these areas!

1. Pima County, AZ

Pima is not too far from Tucson in south-central Arizona.

This countywas actually one of the first four counties created in Arizona and has a long history as well as scenic views.

Home of the Saguaro National Park, it is a beautiful county if you love the desert.

2. Metcalfe County, KY

If the desert isn’t for you, this Kentucky county is also home to relatively cheap land.

Metcalfe historically has been a dry county,but don’t worry – in 2016 the county had an uncertified vote to change this

A few key landmarks in the region include The Cut and Devil’s Den Cave.

3. Rio Arriba County, NM

Rio Arriba County is on the northern border of New Mexico near Colorado.

Technically it is part of the Greater Albuquerque area, but you’ll have to drive a few hours to get to the city.

This means there is a lot of vacant land in this rural county.

Several key landmarks include the Santa Fe National Forest and the El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro National Historic Trail.

4. Torrance County, NM

New Mexico is home to a number of inexpensive counties, including Torrance County.

Torrance County is a desert county, but you will also find the Manzano Mountains on its western edge as well as seasonal lakes in the Laguna del Perro area.

In addition, there are two national protected areas: Cibola National Forest and Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument.

5. Park County, CO

Colorado is a rapidly growing state, but is home to a few counties with affordable land.

Park County is one of these.

It’s located in the center of the state within the South Park region.

And yes, South Park is where the South Park TV Show is located!

6. Klamath County, OR

It’s no secret that Oregon is a beautiful state, and it does have at least one area where you can find inexpensive land.

Klamath County is near the border with California and is the fourth-largest county in Oregon.

It’s near a number of national parks in one of the greenest parts of the west.

The most famous of these parks include Crater Lake National Park and Winema National Forest.

7. Sharp County, AR

If your preference is for the east, Arkansas as a whole is a great state to look for land.

And one of the most affordable counties in Arkansas is Sharp County.

Located in the Ozarks, Sharp County is home to many resort communities.

8. Mohave County, AZ

Located in northwestern Arizona, Mohave County is a rather famous place.

This is because both the Grand Canyon National Park and Lake Mead National Recreation Area are partially in the county.

On top of this, there are18 wilderness areas here as well.

9. Kern County, CA

There is at least one California county on this list.

Kern County is in the Central Valley and is a somewhat rural county with an economy based on agriculture and petroleum.

For those who are interested in the outdoors, there are several protected areas here as well.

10. Hudspeth County, TX

Hudspeth County is in “Far West Texas” in the region known as Trans-Pecos.

This is a very rural county with a small population and a lot of ranchland.

So, if you are looking to start a ranch, this could be the spot for you!

11. Valencia County, NM

We’ll end with another New Mexico County.

Valencia County is just south of Albuquerque and is home to the Manzano Mountains.

Fun fact, Valencia County has the longest record for predicting presidential election winners.

So forget the swing states, keep an eye on Valencia County!

On top of this, there are a number of protected areas for those who love the outdoors.

But There’s More

This is just the start.

There are thousands of counties and hundreds of places to find affordable vacant land.

So keep looking!

Once you know where to find land, you may even want to start land investing!

Author:Erika Benson, Co-founder at Gokce Capital

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I am an architect by training and a former Affordable Housing Director for the City of New York turned full-time Land Investor. I used to help New Yorkers find affordable housing, now I help people around the US find affordable land!

I keep an active blog on my company website where I give advice on buying and selling land. I also have a YouTube channel with over 250 videos that provide tips for land buyers and information on our properties. Please check out my website to see more information on how you can sell your land.


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