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How Much Money Can You Win On A Normal Jackpot Slot?

How Much Money Can You Win On A Normal Jackpot Slot?

Since slots like Reel Rush slot have become the number one game of choice amongst gamblers in recent years, the amounts that can be won has increased.  This has also helped fuel further interest in slots. 

Slots and Jackpots 

‘Jackpot’ is a term used extensively in the gambling industry and it is not exclusive to just lottery games either. Jackpots are regularly up for grabs in Bingo games and the craze has hit slots as well. This is not a new concept, as Mega Moolah slot and others too, have already created multi millionaires. 

Jackpots in slots also predate virtual video slots and land-based slots have also offered huge prizes that are now seen in virtual slots. The biggest prizes come courtesy of progressive jackpots. These are jackpots that continually grow because a percentage of each player’s stake goes into he jackpot fund. Las Vegas has some of the biggest progressive land-based jackpots thanks to the state operated Megabucks that links 700 or so slots machines together to create one giant jackpot. As far back as 1989, this concept was making millionaires. Then virtual slots took up the jackpot baton and the highest recorded payout from an online slot was set in 2015, when UK based Jon Heywood won £13.2 million on Mega Moolah. 

Standard Jackpots 

Becoming a millionaire from playing slots is incredibly rare and a far more realistic aim is to try and win normal set jackpots that are far easier to bag. The amount you can win varies from a few pounds to a few thousand pounds. Some jackpots drop randomly whilst other jackpots are part of the base game or bonus round of the slot.  A lot of jackpot values actually depend on your stake and the larger the stake the higher the jackpots. In some slots, the jackpot only comes into play if you are willing to play at the maximum stake. 

Fire Blaze Jackpots 

Some of the easiest jackpots to win are so called Fire Blaze jackpots. This is a relatively new concept in slots and 1 of 4 jackpots is usually up for grabs. They include a Mini, Minor, Major and Grand jackpot. The Grand jackpot is worth 2000x your original stake. 

To have a shot at winning any of these jackpots, you need to land 6 or more symbols displaying cash amounts, on the reels. This triggers a hold and re spin feature that takes place on a grid rather than reels. All the cash amounts that trigger the bonus are transferred onto the grid as winnings, then 3 power spins are played out. If you land more cash amounts on the grid, they are held in place and the spins are reset to 3, until you don’t land any more cash sums on the reels in 3 consecutive spins.

The star symbol hides one of the jackpots and more than one can land on the grid during the hold and re spin feature. All the cash amounts are added up at the end and each star reveals the hidden jackpot that has also been won.

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