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How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

When you buy jewelry, it becomes quite important to maintain its luster for a long time. For that, you will need to make a list of all the jewelry that you have. Also, you will need to classify all the jewelry in terms of their category, that means if you have gold jewelry you will have to take care of it by using different ways and for silver jewelry, you will have to follow different steps.

After you have checked the 10 grams gold necklace designs with price and bought your favorite piece, you must ask the shopkeeper about how to maintain its shine for all and also, about some tips to handle it properly. Even for other types of jewelry such as Polka & Kundan Jewelry, Diamond pieces, a proper care must be taken, to safeguard them from any types of scratches and patches that may appear otherwise.

Read further to note some tips to take care of your precious jewelry mainly Gold Jewelry, Polka and Kundan Jewelry and Diamond Jewelry:

  1. Gold Jewelry: Always keep your gold ornaments with care by storing them in small mild pockets. Also, keep this thing in mind that you keep each gold ornament separately so that they don’t get any kind of scratches or get tangled with one another. Like if you go to see a gold necklace designs with pricethen you decide to buy it, you need to clean them with a soft cloth or a piece of cotton fabric to maintain its shine. Remember to not wear gold ornaments while you bath.
  2. Kundan & Polki Jewelry: These should be stored in butter paper in a dry place. You must not use any detergent or water over these elegant pieces as it will make them tarnish. Moreover, you can even make use of an eraser that will help in erasing the blackened part. People also make use of Suede cloth to make its luster last for long with their perfect shine.
  3. Diamond Jewelry: It is a very crucial piece of jewelry that needs proper care and high maintenance to keep it bright as forever. Its care may involve several things:

Always keep your diamond jewelry away from moisture, chemicals or any other type of natural oils.

Even when you wear a diamond necklace or earrings, make sure you wear it after you are done with everything such as wearing your outfit, perfume and getting ready.

Although it is recommended to visit the jeweler’s shop for cleaning of your diamond jewelry, however, many people prepare an ammonia-based solution and keep the diamonds stored in the solution for a night. In the morning, you will feel the difference in their luster and also, they will be cleaner than before.

These essential tips will surely help to keep your diamonds, Gold and Polka Jewelry away from losing their shine and making them perfect to be worn on your special occasions and even for your everyday wear.

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