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Redesigning a website without losing SEO

When it comes to a website, then it is essential to change its look and feel after a certain period of time. The redesigning of a website not only help in adding appeal to it but also allow it to be up-to-date. However, companies try to resist this change due to the SEO of their website. They stop considering the fact that it can actually enhance user experience. The Web Designing Company in Delhi understands the dilemma that comes with SEO and losing customers. In such case, it becomes essential to boost a site with redesign while keeping SEO intact.

Here are a few factors that have a huge impact on the website redesigning.

  1. Website Audit – It is one of the major deal that happens in the website with the involvement of minor and major identity of a site. This type of audit gives firsthand knowledge about the website and what search engine actually prefer. Hence, these points can be kept in mind while working on the current ranking and preserving them. This type of work is done by experts to ensure top results.
  1. Web Crawl – Another of the essential part is the search engine crawlers. Many businesses don’t actually understand the whole concept of crawler but it is essential to keep in mind since the website is 24×7 marketing source. This crawler allows the audience to search the website easily with the help of keywords.

Hence, it is essential to be ready and not to jump to start with a website redesign. It can lose every single effort that is put up in the site without actually helping in any aspect. Also, the current website must be kept in mind that crawler is working for the current site. The best thing to opt for is to wait and then let it work more adequately in terms of the redesign part. Once, the site is uploaded and ready to go with the proper SEO then one can change the host or domain.

  1. Website Index – For an SEO executive, one must know the working of indexing better than other. In such a case, it is essential that one website indexing is not done when one is in the development phase. SEO is mainly content based due to the importance of content on site. Hence, it is essential to avoid old habits when it comes to the new website.

Also, avoid Google for indexing that can put a website in a fix. The main factor is plagiarism or duplicity on a website. Google doesn’t do well if a website has the same content as the previous one and put it as spam or low rank. Hence, if you are working on content addition then avoid to index it.

These are the main factors that are kept in mind by Web Designing Companies in Delhi to ensure that SEO and design are topmost priority of the website. Apart from this, web design and SEO can go hand in hand if done efficiently.

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