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Popular Bingo Games

Popular Bingo Games

Bingo Games are constantly adapting to keep up with online trends. The games player base has shot up in the last decade and it all thanks to its appearance in the online format.

Still not caught up with online bingo? Perhaps you are on the lookout for a new bingo game to play. Here are some of the most popular bingo games at that you could be playing right now.

Bingo Pop

Bingo Pop takes the best part of the game of bingo, the social aspect, and shrinks it down so it can be played on mobile.

This is a live bingo game where players can chat in the live feed and compete to see who fills out their card first.

What’s more, players can try Bingo Pop for free and play without any stakes, just in case they are playing for fun instead of just prizes.

Alternatively, players can deposit 99p to play bingo for real. The freedom of playing mobile bingo is what sets this one apart from its peers. But what about regular online bingo.

Bingo Party

Taking a classic approach to things, Bingo Party is a 90 ball, or 75 ball, game of online bingo. The vibrant colours perfectly capture the spirit of bingo and there is nothing but fun on display for anyone that wants to try out online bingo.

There are additional features available with Bingo Party as well, something not found at regular, live bingo. Players can win a bonus of £20 with a spin of the mega wheel and this make the game more competitive.

As with bingo pop, players can chat with other players and take part in traditional bingo banter.


Now we get to a controversial yet extremely popular bingo game. Why is it controversial? It isn’t because the game is bad, far from it.

Instead it is because a lot of players do not consider Slingo to be a real bingo game. This is down to its fun blend of slot game and bingo game. There is no bingo caller in this game. The player needs to spin the games reels to land the correct numbers, thus they get to cross them off their card.

Whether you consider Slingo to be a bingo game or not, you cannot deny that its popularity and has brought a lot of slot players over to the world of bingo. There are plenty of different versions of Slingo to play and therefore you are sure to find a game that you like.


If you like bingo, these games are all available online to be played and are some of the most popular online bingo games around. Why are they so popular? Well, you will have to try them out for yourself to find out.

New players and old can really get behind these great online bingo games.

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