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How to Dominate Mini Golf Like a Pro

How to Dominate Mini Golf Like a Pro

Mini golf is enormous fun and a fantastic way to spend time with one special someone or a group of friends or family. It can be a unique and memorable way to celebrate a special occasion or use a round for a team building event with work colleagues. This game has become so much more than a way to occupy the kids on the weekend.

Mini golf can be played as a light-hearted activity and the rules are pretty simple to follow. If you want to delve a bit deeper, you’ll find it can also be challenging, exciting and can bring out your competitive side too. It is educational, giving you lessons in physics and geometry. Mini golf is a great game to enhance your strategic thinking, hand-eye coordination and precision. It gets your body moving and is a versatile game that is suitable for people of all ages.

Dominate Your Mini Golf Game

Many would agree that winning at mini golf makes it even more fun! If you’d like to blow your opponents away with your savvy mini golf skills during your next round, there are some fabulous strategies to remember – just keep them under your hat in case others find them out.

Get to Know the Course

Mini golf is similar to real golf in that if you know the lay of the land (or in this case the putting greens) you will have a distinct advantage. Give yourself a few practice games so you become familiar with how the ball rolls and moves. This is particularly useful for holes where there is more than one path to follow – usually one of them gets you close to the hole quicker.

You will soon understand the pace of the turf, practice how much power you need on uphill slopes and find the best way to avoid the hazards. Give particular attention to any moving obstacles so you can get your timing right. Unless it is an indoor mini golf course, you can also test out how the turf changes if wet and where any puddles may lie.

In saying that, indoor mini golf in Melbourne What The Putt offers a consistent game and is not dependent on the weather. It’s the best option to try when you are planning your next social event.

Find Your Best Putting Stroke

Your alignment and posture are important to get right when putting. Ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart and have your toes pointing forward. Your ball needs to be slightly in front of you and when you rest your putter on the ground the grip is pointed towards your left hip (if you’re right-handed).

Remember that mini golf putting is about finesse, not necessarily about power so be firm but hit the ball gently and you’ll find it is more likely to go where you want it to.

Adventure golf courses can be tricky to navigate so consider being ‘generous’ and let the other members of your group putt first because their shots can give you clues about what NOT to do. Then, you can step up to the tee and show them how it’s done!

Bring Your Own Putter

Get a putter that fits you, so it is comfortable to hold and easier to use. If you use your own putter each time you play, then you will become familiar with the feel of it and it will make your game easier overall.

There are different ways to hold your club so experiment to see which one works best for you. The basic grip is where your dominant hand rests just below your non-dominant hand and putting your non-dominant index finger on top of your dominant hand. The cross handed grip is the basic grip but with your hands in the opposite position. The pencil grip is where your non-dominant hand is at the top of the putter, but when you place your dominant hand below, position it as if you were holding a pencil.

The sweet spot on your putter is always at the very centre so practice makes perfect. Hitting the ball with either end of the putter will cause it to veer off at an unwanted angle.

You may even like to bring your favourite ball, but it is probably best to swap it for the house ball on the final hole as most mini golf courses reclaim the ball automatically at the end of the game.

Go in With Confidence

A little bit of self-talk to increase your self-esteem and belief that you are going to make the putt can really help your game. Focus on the ball in front of you, take a deep breath, relax, concentrate and putt.

What The Putt mini golf in Melbourne offers 27 holes of unique and interesting putting for a truly unforgettable experience. They offer arcade games and pool tables along with late night mini golf that can be accompanied by a drink or two as well as tasty snacks to turn things into a party. Give them a call or book a game online. After following the tips above you’ll be sure to dominate your mini golf game like a pro!

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