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Top hotels in Copenhagen for Accommodation

Flanked by the canals, vivid buildings, bicycles, and the friendliest people on the planet, is the colorful city of Copenhagen. The Danish capital is a city that surprises everyone beyond their imaginations. A city so big, but still easy to get around on foot; it is certainly special in every way.

When planning a vacation in this city, you have a great deal of choice on your hands. You can either opt for a luxury stay at one of the best hotels in the country, or you can stay at a reasonably priced hotel. There is also a lot of option for people who want to take a budget trip to the City of Spires, as there are a lot of budget-friendly hotels and guest houses too. So there is no scarcity of accommodation in Viking’s village.

Top hotels in Copenhagen for staying

In this article, we have presented an overview of different hotels that are best in their categories. These hotels are highly rated in their classifications and are recommended not only by us but also by other traveling experts, bloggers and travel agencies. If you are traveling on a budget, then we recommend you to use the services of any renowned travel agency to book cheap flights to Copenhagen. In this way, you can enjoy a great holiday on a limited budget.

Check the following list. We hope that you find it useful when you are booking your accommodation for a Copenhagen trip.

5 Star Hotels


Nimb is located in one of the world’s most amazing amusements park, Tivoli Garden. Not only it is amazing, but the park is also the oldest amusement park in the world. This fact also makes Nimb a special place to stay. The architecture and theme of this hotel is the integration of east and west, as the building structure resembles like a Persian castle with a striking taste to Taj Mahal, and the interior is completely Danish styled. Not only the design amazes its guest, their service is also top of the line. The food here is beyond amazing and we highly recommend everyone to stay at Nimb if they want a 5-star experience of Copenhagen.

Manon les Suites

Manon les Suites is another great choice for a stay in Copenhagen. It is a picturesque place where you can enjoy a great time with your loved ones. This 5-star hotel has a great design and décor. Its pool is also amazing, where you and the young ones can enjoy a lot. The rooms are amazing, along with their service. So if you want a great experience as a guest, then stay at Manon les Suites when touring Copenhagen.

Nobis Hotel

Located in a hundred-year-old building, Nobis is another great choice of 5-star accommodation in Copenhagen. The building was once used as a Royal Danish Academy of Music, but since it has been turned into a hotel, some state of the art renovations have taken place. Nobis is a great play for staying, and it offers amazing services to all its guests. It is indeed a great choice to stay when visiting this city.

4 Star Hotels

First Hotel Mayfair

First Hotel Mayfair is an elegant choice to stay in Copenhagen. It is indeed one of the best 4-star hotels in the city, and the biggest advantage of staying there is that it has a great bar. So you don’t need to go far from your room to party. But if you are not too much of a partier, then this place also has a great library for you to read your favorite books.

Hotel Kong Arthur

Hotel Kong Arthur is a highly rated 4-star hotel in Copenhagen. This hotel has not one, but three restaurants for everyone to dine in. You can enjoy amazing dishes and drinks there and each eatery has its own specialty. Kong Arthur is also equipped with a great spa, so staying there is indeed a treat to everyone.

Scandic Palace Hotel

Scandic is a great place to stay if you love dining in an amazing atmosphere. This place also has a great bar for you to socialize and drink with new friends. So fancy staying there and make your Copenhagen trip wonderful.

3 Star Hotels

Ibsens Hotel

Standing tall for more than a hundred years, Ibsens is a great place to stay if you plan a budget trip to Copenhagen. It has more than a hundred rooms available to all the guests, so there is a minimum chance of getting overbooked in any season.

Axel Guldsmeden

Axel Guldsmeden is located in one of the most famous neighborhoods of Copenhagen, in Vesterbro. The hotel is 3 star, but the décor and space don’t make you feel like it. It is undoubtedly one of the best choices to stay in this city.


Quality Airport Hotel Dan

Just like the name suggests, Quality Airport Hotel Dan is located near Copenhagen International Airport and provides top quality service to all its guests. The view of the city is unbelievable from the hotel. It is no doubt a great place to stay at the most reasonable price. Perhaps the phrase ‘top quality at bottom price’ is made for this hotel.


Other amazing budget-friendly hotels

Wakeup Copenhagen

Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade is a budget-friendly hotel for all the travelers. It stays in high demand throughout the year in multiple seasons, so try to book a room in advance when visiting it. You can rent a bike from this hotel to visit the city. Also, you can use their computers for internet in the lowest possible rates.

Cabin Metro

Cabin Metro is such a nice play to stay in the lowest possible rates, that it is always overbooked in all seasons. So when you have decided on a trip to Copenhagen, you should reserve your accommodation without any second thoughts.

Hotel Jørgensen

Jørgensen is yet another cheap hotel in Copenhagen. This place has a reasonable service and other facilities. But the prices are well below other hotels. So people are always looking for a room there.

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