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Planning to Buy Jewellery for Your Wedding? Follow These Tips

For any girl, her wedding day is one of the most important day in her life and marks the beginning of an entirely new chapter. It is the day when she is celebrated and it is all about her and her happiness. A very important aspect of this wedding day is the jewellery that the bride wears as it is something that makes or breaks her look and is talked about for years to come. Every piece of jewellery adds to the glow and her overall aura.

We understand how daunting and overwhelming shopping for jewellery for your wedding can get when you have to look at a million pendant set designs to match with your lehenga. We have put together some tips that you must follow when it is time for you to go jewellery shopping for your wedding and we really hope that it makes the whole process a little easy for you.

  • Jewellery comes first always – a mistake that most brides often make is that they shop for the wedding outfit first and then they go for jewellery shopping. However, it should actually be the other way round. Your outfit should highlight your jewellery and help it stand out. Also, the value of your jewellery is going to be far more than that of your outfits. Whether you are looking at rose gold earring designs at Melloraor for something else, always remember to get the jewellery first and then the outfit.
  • Choose according to the different occasions – a Hindu wedding has multiple occasions and each have a different purpose. It is important that you make a list of all the functions that you are going to have at your wedding and then go and shop for jewellery accordingly. Some occasions require light and easy jewellery while some require heavy and shiny sets. It is best to know what exactly you are shopping for and then buy accordingly. This ensures that you are dressed as per the occasion and do not have a hair or a ring out of place!
  • Invest in jewellery that is versatile – jewellery buying is not cheap and requires a large amount of money to be invested in it. What often happens is that the brides choose such jewellery for their wedding which they never wear again anywhere else. This is why always go for something that is versatile in nature and will be of use later on in your life also.
  • Look for jewellery that is detachable– these type of jewellery gives you the flexibility to mix and match and wear them as a new piece every time you have to step out. This gives you the liberty to experiment and repeat your old jewellery in a new fashion and opens up a myriad of options for you when it comes to dressing up.
  • Buy from a jeweller you trust – the most important thing to do is to buy your bridal jewellery from a jeweller that you and the family trusts. This gives you peace of mind and ensures that you get the best for your big day.

These tips are just to help you through the process and is not something that is set in stone. At the end of the day, it is your big day and you must only wear what you want to and what makes you happy. It is something that you will remember for your entire life and so it is best go with what your heart feels is right at the end of the day.

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