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What are the Effects of Wearing a Tight Bra?

We all know that we need to cut out toxic friends from our lives and toxic foods from our diets. Similarly, we need to cut out the toxic clothes too from our wardrobe. And what might they be, you may ask. These toxic clothes are your too loose or too tight bras. Not only do they bring down your confidence level but they also cause a great deal of harm to your body, unbeknownst to you. These ill-fitted bras when too tight for your frame,give you a constricted or restrained feeling all day. You end up having red blotchy lines on your shoulders caused by the tight straps, once you take off the bra. If they are too loose, people around you will constantly witness the sight of you reaching out under your top to adjust the straps.

Adjusting the bra straps definitely helps in lifting your breast. But it’s not just the straps that do this job for you.The bra cups and the bra band need to be of the perfect size and the straps play a side role. As they say, a well-fitted bra is to women what a well-tailored suit is to men. In this case don’t do it for your vanity alone, but also for your health. All we girls have sometime or other faced the tight bra problems and we have been too lazy to rectify them. Not after today though, once you learn about the tight bra effects that your laziness might bring onto you.

  • Get real– Internet is full of myths and one of them says that wearing a bra one size smaller would make your breasts look fuller. This is one of the main causes of a tight bra sitting in the closet of many women. Let us bust this myth by telling you that it does just the opposite and makes you look bulkier. We wouldn’t want that on any day, right? So, get yourself measured or do it yourself referring to the bra size calculator.
  • Ouch goes the neck– The neck is not meant to support your breast. It is a task delegated by your body to your chest muscles. And when the chest muscles are not aided by a good bra that fits onto you like a second skin, your neck muscles take a beating. This is something that you would notice only in a day or so of wearing the wrong bra. Don’t wait for the problem to exacerbate. Instead, change your bra asap.
  • Band size woes– if you are wearing a band size which is one size smaller than what you should be wearing, then, your back muscles will go for a spin. This can be easily spotted if you notice your bra band doesn’t stay parallel to the ground instead forms an arch on the back.
  • Time to dump the straps– If your strap adjuster is now sitting right atop your shoulder after several wears and adjustments, it is a sign to change those straps. Wearing loosely strapped bras for a long time can lead to sagging of the breasts. Inversely, straps that are too tight will dig into your shoulders and will not only cause painful red marks but will also harm your shoulders and neck muscles. It can also ruin your body posture.
  • Protect the skin– Have you noticed pinkish stretch mark type lines on your body where the band of the bra sits? Then, it is most likely that the band size you are wearing is incorrect. At times, even a worn-out bra that you feel still fits well, might not be good for you for as it poses bra problems of a different kind. Multiple washes and wears tend to roughen the fabric of the cups as well as that of the bands and you might end with skin chafing.
  • Breast tissue damage– Cup spillage caused by wearing a smaller cup size and gap between the cups and the breast in a bigger size cup area is a strict no-no. Not unless you wish to harm your tender breast tissues.
  • Uneasiness– A popular lingerie quote doing the rounds is – ‘Never underestimate the power of good lingerie on a bad day’. A good day is all we need and that can be attained to some levels if we get the right support from inside, pun intended!

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