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What You Should Know: 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Laptop

In most cases, when people inquire or ask what laptop is perfect for their needs, the very first thing that we can tell them is that there’s no definite answer. There are a lot of types of laptops out there, and various price classifications to match them, making it hard for us to know which is best.

Buying a laptop is a tedious process. Thus it’d be best to do some research on the internet about a specific type of laptop. You have to know what you are looking for to make the buying process easier.

Sure, you can decide what laptop to buy based on your budget and take whatever a prominent manufacturer like HP or Dell is offering for that price. However, what if the device doesn’t operate with the way you want? For a little help, read the guide below on the things to consider before buying one. Check them out!

The Size

If the ease of carrying a laptop is your biggest concern, then you’ll need to think about a device that’s lightweight and has a compact screen. As such, any computer packaged and sold as an Ultrabook should suit your budget here.

These laptops, designed to be light and slim, will satisfy your biggest concern. On the other hand, get a laptop that’s at least 12.5 to 13.3 inches in size and weighs from 1 to 1.5 kg.

The Screen Quality

Of course, you will be staring at your computer for several hours a day. Thus, make sure that you get a laptop with a screen that’s convenient to look at and scan. These days, most laptops have touchscreens. Meaning, they are bright and glossy.

Keep in mind that glossy screens forms reflections, which is not great when you are reading or working on something. So, think about a laptop that does not have a touchscreen. Next, consider the resolution.

Go for a laptop that has a 1920×1080 pixel resolution also known as Full HD. Getting a laptop with such resolution is perfect for you if you want to have a lot of space to keep things in view and line up windows.

Lastly, the viewing angles are of the utmost importance. A computer that shows an in-plane-switching or IPS technology provides the best user comfort and the largest viewing angles.

Don’t be blinded by fancy words and gimmicks when buying a laptop. If it’s feasible, visit any online stores like Deal Wiki or physically go into a store to view the laptop for yourself. Alternatively, go over various reviews to get a great overview of the product.

The Keyboard Quality

You should get a laptop that offers a comfortable keyboard for long typing session. Of course, no one wants a keyboard that compacts every key, say for example a keyboard that has jammed in number pads. These type of consoles can convert to unsatisfactory overall user experience when hounding for a key such as the arrows.

You’d want to have a keyboard that offers a comfortable and convenient layout with full-scale keys and some room to move around the arrow keys. The keys on the computer’s keyboard should have adequate movement on the downstroke and cleverly have an solid “responsiveness “ once you let them go.

Moreover, ensure that the keyboard has a backlit so that your typing job will be much easier in dimly lit settings or when working during the night.


When buying a laptop, it’s difficult to come to pass any of Intel’s Core-based CPUs. Consider Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7. These Core-based CPUs provide the most excellent performance when it comes to multimedia tasks and multitasking.

The Core i3-based laptops are most commonly found in entry-level structures, while the Core i5-based laptops consist of the majority of mainstream machines. On the other hand, the Core i7-based laptops are for those individuals who have intense computing needs such as process hungry games and applications.

But keep in mind that a Core i7-based system lets heat pass through the foundation of the laptop. That can be a problem especially if you want to put the laptop on your lap while working.


For the most part, you’ll need to have at least 4GB of RAM to seize the most out of your system. The more RAM your laptop has, the more applications and software you can run simultaneously. Also, you can access more data any time, which comes in helpful and manageable for undertakings like editing photos.


A laptop is perhaps the best device to do your tasks while on the go, whether for play or work. It should be compact enough to bring with you so that you’ll never have a problem doing some work on the road. Indeed, buying a laptop is quite difficult. With these tips, you can make the process much easier.

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