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How to share photos in a social circle through WordPress?

The popular word used in the field of internet nowadays is Instagram and WordPress.  The applicability has made it so popular that people are trying to research new ways to make the best usage of these technologies.  Well, Instagram is a photo as well as video sharing application created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and from the time it was launched in October 2010 it has changed the thought process of many people.

Previously sharing of photos and videos were restricted up to some level only and the time required to share it was also more.  But after the introduction of Instagram, the pictures and videos are being shared very instantly. Maybe this is the reason for its popularity.  The clarity of images sent through Instagram is incomparable.

How to take photos using Instagram?

Sometimes the photo taken from your camera or through smartphone looks shaky or unclear. Seeing those photos anyone can say that they were unfocused and were taken without setting proper option in the camera. The clear image is also not found, and all over the photo, there are grains.  The whole exercise goes waste if the ultimate output that is the image or picture is not clear.  The simple reason given is that the person taking the photographs or images is not experienced.  Well to take a good image you need not be experienced.  All you need is to know about how to make use of the options given in the device whether it is your camera or smartphone.

The Instagram application has made this job easy, and anyone with little bit of interest can take photos/ images or videos.  However, an experienced person can wonder but discouraging a person in terms of experience is something which has to be avoided. Improvisation is always appreciated. Instagram helps in this task, and by practice, anyone can master the art of photography.

Following are some of the tips through which one can learn how to take photos using Instagram:

  • Recognize the requirement: Just taking pictures is not enough. If the images taken are relevant and are matching with the requirement, people will get attracted. So decide what sort of photos will enhance the beauty of the photo gallery.  There is no doubt that photography is done to satisfy your interests and not of others but by giving a thought, you will be enhancing your gallery and will be benefitted by it.
  • Sources for your photos: Analyze your sources to take pictures. Depending on that you will have to set up the additional lighting effects based on the source. Suppose you are taking an image inside a house then you will need additional lighting to make the picture clear, and an exterior, the lighting effect can be ignored as there will be sunlight to support.

Once you have taken a photo recorded a video you need to edit it to give it an accurate look. This can be done by giving special effects like lighting/darkening the image color or highlighting some parts of the image etc. Once it is done your photo/video is ready.

How do I post a photo?

  • To share a photo or video, you need first to upload it.
  • Choose a website or app to upload the images. Using Instagram account, you can post the pictures or videos. If you are an existing member of the site, then first login else create an account by giving your information.  Once done you will become a member, and then you can start the upload process.
  • Search for the upload option the website is providing. After choosing it, it asks for the image details to be uploaded. If you have an image or video on your system, then select it and add any comments or captions to the image or video. Now tap on upload option to close the process. Your image or photo is posted very easily.

How to share my photos in a social circle through WordPress?

The Internet is a platform where infinite numbers of web users use the service to browse an endless number of websites.  To fulfill this requirement and to remain in the top ranking, the website owners are forced to keep their website with qualitative and new content related to them.  To make this process, easy usage of WordPress is suggested. WordPress is one of the content management systems which allow the users to create, edit or delete the content without much complication.  The wizards or features in WordPress make the task easy.  Not only content, one can do magic with images or photos also.  A content with appropriate and clear images will always attract the web users. Not only for attraction a clear picture will always express more than the words. Having features like plugin architecture along with a template system, it is beneficial while posting in blogs.  Apart from blogs WordPress plugins help in creating media galleries, general mailing, etc.

When your images or photos are clear, it automatically gives you the confidence to share it with all your family members staying far away, friends, and your post followers. The WordPress plugin WordPress Image Hover Lite can be used to share the photos or videos in the group. It helps you to add social share icons to every image you have added using WordPress editor images. It is so responsive that one can find the social icons appearing when the image is selected, and the picture gets automatically adjusted based on the screen size. This way your time is saved. It is very popular as it is a plugin which can be used free of cost.

But in spite of all your efforts if you are not able to gain the followers or likes of other members, then there is no need to worry.  You have an option of approaching a professional like Gramblast who will help you in getting the likes or followers for your posts. This advice will help in you more when you are a businessman and are marketing your brands where placement and presentation of your brand are crucial.  In such a situation a professional can do wonders because of his experience and immense talent.

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