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4 Important Wedding Cake Tips To Remember

Wedding Cake

Whether it is an extravagant event or not, the wedding cake is one of the most crucial reception elements. As such, the task of choosing, ordering, or designing a cake can be tricky and, at the same time, stressful. With a handful of factors to consider, such as color, size, taste, budget, and more, it indeed is a job that needs attention, especially if you don’t want the cake to look bad or be totally out of place during the gathering.

Wedding planners usually know what to do, but for couples left alone to deal with all the chaos before their wedding day, we wrote down some important wedding cake tips to remember. Hopefully, this will lessen the burden and keep them from pointing at random cakes that caught their inexperienced eyes.

Finding A Bakery

The search for a bakery that would bake your cake should start the day after you realized your wedding date. Take the time to explore through many options and don’t forget to taste test. Other things you need to note about the candidates are their flexibility, commitment, quality, and reviews. Start your search locally through small business directories such as Yelp, Foursquare, or Zomato. A quick morning stroll through the town will help you spot a potential baker. You can also find cake artisans in social media where you have complete sight of their profile and customer feedback.

Wedding Cake Designs

Bakeries with vast experience in providing wedding cakes to their clients have an album of cake decors. Ask for the newest trends, their best-sellers, and unique models. The design you chose should match the theme of your wedding. Factors that come into play are the bride’s wedding dress, your personality, the color, and the accessories you will be using in the reception. There are endless options to choose from, which probably makes the task even more daunting. However, paying attention and imagining the elements that would come to play would do you a big favor.

A Killer Wedding Cake Topper

The traditional husband and wife couple figurine has transitioned to various contemporary versions. While there are other cake toppers to choose from such as a bouquet of edible flowers, Mr. and Mrs. with the Last Name, and more, a couple of bride and groom statue continues to be the most fashionable of all cake toppers. 

A wedding couple bobblehead as a cake topper allows a vast room for personalization. Now, you can order custom bobbleheads online and customize it, so it appears exactly like the couple. Go to Cheap Bobbleheads website and find the Couple & Wedding category. Pick from a wide array of bobblehead options or decide to customize it fully. Make sure to provide a detailed set of instructions and a clear photo of you and your partner to make the manufacturer’s job more convenient.

Other Cake Accessories

Don’t forget to jot down other cake accessories on your shopping list. Find an excellent wedding cake stand, a pair of bridal knives and forks with your names engraved on it, personalized wedding cake boxes for your guests, and a special rhinestone-adorned cake serving set. While most of the items in this suggestion are optional, you don’t always exchange vows to someone, so why not get them if the budget allows? 

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