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List of the important features that must have a Travel App

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Did you know that close to 60% of the mobile phone owners prefer to use their travel apps to plan and book their tours and vacations?

Travel software solution or travel apps have arrived as some of the most reliable solutions to execute a range of travel-related tasks. From simply exploring destinations and planning itineraries to booking accommodations in a remote corner of the world, travel apps help us do them all.

Mobile app developers are also increasingly looking at further improving the experience of users through meticulous detailing and planning. Apart from focusing on UI/UX, travel industry software solution providers are also prioritizing implementing inevitable features that will help travellers at any given point of time in their journey or trip.

If you intend to develop a travel app that users will love and retain in their smartphones, you need to focus on solving certain basic problems they face. From our experience and expertise, we have curated must-have travel app features that you simply cannot avoid implementing on your app.

Let’s find out what they are.

Top Must-Have Travel App Features

Social Sign in

Once your users have downloaded their apps, it is on you to make their registration or signup processes simpler. A lot of users would abandon your app if they need to spend too much time on entering their details from scratch.

It’s a major turn off for users and you need to completely eliminate this step by bringing in social sign in features. With this, you can allow your users to make use of their existing social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn or others to register/sign up on your app.

When they do, your app automatically collects their basic details. You could always mention this on your privacy policy to make it more airtight.

Reviews and Ratings

It’s a psychological tendency of the human mind to seek validation for its aspirations and decisions. This applies to traveling as well. Before spending their hard-earned money on a vacation, airline, destination or a service, users would want to know about the experiences of customers who have been there and done that.

That’s why ratings and reviews features are inevitable as they add value to customers by providing them with decisive information. With this information, they would know what to spend on and what not to spend on.

From reviews of destinations to service providers, your app should list them all for credibility and customer retention.

Search and Sort Functions

Often, users access an app with an open mind. They like to explore options and then decide. Sometimes they have a budget but are unsure of destinations and vice versa. Your app should let customers delve on this by giving them the liberty to seek what they want.

And there’s no better feature than the search and sort options. They are basic and match customer requirements with their preferences. A solid algorithm that further understands users’ tastes and likes and recommends better would help your business go a long way.

Booking Services

Traveling is not just a planned affair. It’s also impulsive. Your app should make the best use of your users’ impulse by giving them the options to book their hotels, flight tickets, services and more instantly. With this, you pave the way for added revenue and customer retention. The more booking services you add, the more the revenue you are likely to generate.

Offline Access

Like you know, traveling involves people crossing frontiers. This means they would be exposed to diverse tech infrastructures. Chances of their phone being unable to connect to the internet are high. In such cases, they shouldn’t be stranded with inaccessibility to their travel vouchers, documents and bookings.

That’s why it is essential for you to make all the bookings and crucial travel information offline so users could open their apps and present them whenever they require. Because battery usage factors also come into the picture, offline access becomes inevitable.

Personalized Push Messages

These are essential to not just engage with your users but to push sales and retain them. Through deals, discounts, cashback offers, coupon codes, loyalty programs and more, you could consistently make your users keep coming back to your app.

Emergency Features

Your app should leverage the potential of users’ devices and trigger emergency services when they are prone to vulnerable situations. This could be automatic dialling to localized law enforcement agencies, contacting nominated numbers close to the users and more. At any instance, the app should make it easy for users to communicate their whereabouts to their close circle.

Wrapping Up

Apart from these, your travel should also feature multiple language support features to remove the language barrier when communicating and geo-tracking features to present them with reliable information such as restaurants, things to do, places of interests and more based on their location.

Travel app development is all about paying attention to the details. And if you are looking to roll out the best travel app, reach out to a travel app development company like ours. We work with the best travel app developers to nail your app’s presence in the competitive market.

Get in touch today.

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