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Glass 2019 Movie Review

Movie Name: Glass

Release Date: January 18, 2019

Director: M. Night Shyamalan

Cast: Bruce Wills, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, Sarah Paulson

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Grab a bowl of popcorn and gather around. We are going to give you the most unbiased, detailed and critical review of M. Night Shyamalan’s latest release. Alert: Major Spoiler Ahead! If you don’t want spoilers, skip this page and move on.

Before we start analyzing and reviewing, here’s some background information about Glass.

  • It is the third installment of director M. Night Shyamalan’s Eastrail 177 trilogy. The previous two movies are Unbreakable (2000) and Split (2016).
  • All the mail characters from the previous two films appear in Glass, the third and last part of the series. Plus we get to see Sarah Paulson as a new character appearing for the first time in this series.
  • The series is best described as superhero thriller.

It is important to know the story so far before you can go on to see the movie Glass. The plot is very much intertwined with the other films in the franchise. If you haven’t watched the previous two films, don’t worry, we are here to fill you in.

Plot of Unbreakable (2000):

Elijah Price is born with a rare disease that limits his physical abilities. An art dealer inn profession, Elijah believes there must be someone ‘opposite’ to him who is just as much extremely ‘unbreakable’ as he is ‘fragile’.

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On the other side, David Dunn, a security guard with a troubled marriage life escapes a horrible train accident without a scratch, while all the other passengers die on the spot.

Fate makes Elijah and David meet, and Elijah believes David is a superhero, his powers being invulnerability. He can also get to know all the criminal activities that a person has committed in the past by touching them. Like every superhero has a weakness, David’s weakness is water.

Long story short, after a lot of thrilling activities, David discovers that it was Elijah who caused the train accident in the first place, in his attempt to find his ‘unbreakable’ superhero. Elijah declares that he was and will continue to be a villain against David’s superhero, thus giving both of their life a purpose, but David is disgusted by Elijah and reports him. Final scenes show us Elijah is placed in a hospital for the criminally insane.Use this Fandango Promocode to get a free popcorn and coke in the movie theatre.

Plot of Split (2000):

The second installment of this series is about a man Kevin Wendell Crumb who is suffering from Split Personality Disorder/ Dissociative Identity Disorder. He is under therapy with Dr. Karen Fletcher who has identified 23 different personalities of Kevin, each with an individual name and separate personality traits. In Kevin’s mind, they all sit in a room around him and take turns in being the dominant personality. Kevin kidnaps 3 teenage schoolgirls and a 24th personality comes into existence, ‘The Beast’ with extreme power. This form of Kevin displays superhuman power and thus establishes the Superhero theme of the first film again.

However, at the end, only one of the teenage girls survives, others are devoured by ‘The Beast’. Casey, the surviving teenager calls out his full name and Kevin’s original personality returns for a short time, but in the struggle of the moment, ‘The Beast’ takes over again, but lets Casey escape.

Towards the ending of the film, the local news shows this case of Kevin and nicknames him ‘The Horde’, referring to his multiple personalities. As one of the viewers in a pub comments about his similarities with another strange case of a wheelchair bound criminal, but cannot recall his name, we see David answering him “Mr. Glass”.

Plot of Glass (2019):

The movie picks up where the second film left. We see ‘Mr. Glass’ Elijah, ‘The Horde’ Kevin and ‘Unbreakable’ David locked up in a psychiatric ward together. Sarah Paulson as Dr. Ellie Staple plays the role of a psychiatrist whose job is to convince the three that they are not superheroes, they just think they are. To know what fate has in store for them, rush out to the movie theatre today. Use Fandango Promocode to get awesome discounts on ticket prices.

Glass Movie: Critic’s Verdict

Critics have given somewhat mixed reactions to the third and last installment of the Unbreakable series. Glass is gripping, bewildered and confusing and the same time. The plot was full of possibilities, but the execution is not quite there yet. Director Shyamalan takes the very popular Superhero theme but creates his unique world around it, almost giving birth to a new genre. We will not be surprised to see other directors following this example and create their unique ideas around well-established clichés.

While Shyamalan’s ideas are praised, it’s the direction that received the flack from critics. The plot somewhat incomplete and not bound-together, does not give you the satisfaction of watching a good story and getting a closure in conclusion. That’s the problem with the film, there are too many unanswered questions that leave the audience pulling their hair.

Acting wise, the film is moderate. The lead characters including Bruce Wills give satisfactory performances. Sarah Paulson has already established herself as a contemporary ‘scream queen’ by giving unforgettable performances in the American Horror Story series, and her recent Netflix release Bird Box. Her affection towards the thriller/horror genre hasn’t really typecast her, because she chooses her roles wisely. Whenever you try to typecast her in a particular role, she breaks the boundary and comes out as a surprise, and you keep wondering just how, how can someone surprise their audience every time?

Shyamalan’s direction is what can be described as satisfactory. He tries his best but somehow some efforts are missing. The story-telling technique is not as unique as the idea. Rotten Tomatoes has given the film a 37% positive review, but we feel that’s too harsh. It’s not that bad. Glass has its ups and downs (mostly downs) but if we consider all the other factors apart from the loopy story, it deserves a little more praise than it is receiving. Want to watch the movie yourself? Don’t forget to use Fandango Promocode to get up to 50% discount on ticket prices.

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