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Single beds that you will not be able to resist

Single beds

A home without a bed may not feel right. Beds are necessary for relaxation, unwinding, and unraveling after a long day. They also contribute to the ambiance and décor of the house. Beds can also be multi-functional as designers are now creating beds with excess storage space. This can be especially useful in homes that have smaller rooms and may not have a lot of space for other larger items of storage.

Types of beds – You will not fall short of options when you are looking for beds. The major classification would be based on the size. King size, queen size, double bed, single bed, bunk bed, etc are some of the main options that people often opt for. Apart from this, for a better and enhanced aesthetic look, you may also have options like trundle beds, upholstered beds, etc that will not only give you the comfort that you need but will also look attractive especially if complemented well with other decorative elements in the house

Single bed designs – Single beds are essential for many people in their homes. If you are living alone, if you have a tiny room, if you have a limited budget, etc, a single bed will be the perfect fit in all scenarios. Additionally, even these beds offer storage space so that you can accommodate many items within the compact frame of the bed. If you are looking to purchase single beds, here are some of the best options:

  1. Covelo Storage Single bed – This single box bed has ample storage space and is made out of a rustic walnut finish. The dark wooden make can render it perfect to provide the house with a modern and contemporary feel. Push it against the wall, or place it in the middle of the room – the size of the bed allows you to be creative in choosing its placement.
  2. Ankara Engineered Single bed – This is a compact and sleek-looking bed that may be enough for a person to relax and lounge on. The design is decorative and it is upholstered which makes the bed look inviting and attractive. You can also place this bed attached to your bigger bed as a bench or as excess seating in the room.
  3. Nerja Solid Wood Bed – Want to give your room an airy and spacious look? This bed would be the perfect fit. With open space under the bed and an eye-catching teak finish, your room can be transformed into a unique space with the simple addition of this piece of furniture. You can also make good use of fairy lights around the bed.
  4. Merritt trundle bed – A trundle bed is comforting and the coziest form of bed available in the market. This bed can also make the room look spacious as it is low in height. Add beautiful bedsheets, cushions, pillows, etc to the bed for an even better look overall. You can match the aesthetic of the room with the linens on the bed
  5. Yorktown Single bed – This bed would be ideal if you have moved into a new place as a student or for work. Cleaning and keeping your room tidy will be hassle-free as the bed has ample space below it to allow the room to look decluttered.

Single beds come in handy and you have multiple options to choose from. Select the best pieces online.

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