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With these tips surviving in the Wildlife Will No Longer Be a Nightmare

Many people love wildlife and go on a safari to spend some time amidst nature but what if you get stranded? You cannot know every route. If in case you lose your way remain calm as there is always a way out. On the other hand, if you scream and panic you may fall ill and things may turn bad. For survival in the wildlife, you will require a couple of things of which the most essential include food, water, fire, and shelter. Here are some of the survival tips which you can consider,

  • Stay Calm- Do not panic because it will hamper your thoughts from discovering a way out. Take a deep breath and cut down your anxiety.
  • Mentally Retrace the Steps-Cool down and think back from where you have traveled. If there is a map in your pocket, check it and trace the path.
  • Put your Mobile on Save Mode- When the phone is not in use keep it switched off or put the battery on saving mode. This way you can use your phone during an emergency.
  • Identify Sounds or Sights that are Familiar- Make it a point to carefully observe the surroundings. Keep track of the landmarks and the direction. Identify the sounds and sights that are familiar.
  • Get Others Attention-Call for help you never know someone can hear you and come to your rescue. Shout and say ‘I need help, I am lost or can you hear me’. Use a whistle if you have one.
  • Visible Shelter- Try in making your shelter as much visible as possible by adding bright items, burn fire or use a mirror for that glaring reflection.
  • Look for Food and Water- When you get stranded you will need food for survival, and if this happens during a horse race or a safari you will be accompanied by a horse, so you need to find food for your companion as well. Log on to TVG for more facts on horse racing. Hunt for berries that are recognizable and safe to eat. Collect bugs with few legs and little hair as they are safe to eat. Put them in a container and roast on fire. Avoid insects that are brightly colored because they are poisonous. For your horse collect some hay. Along with food, you will also need an adequate amount of water. Collect water from lakes, river or streams nearby and boil to disinfect the same.
  • Make a Fire- Look for a spot where there is no wind so that you can quickly makea fire. Ensure that the land does not have any dry vegetation to prevent the fire from spreading. Try to gather tinder materials such as tree barks that are shredded, pine needles, dead leaves, and grass.

So, next time you get stranded in wildlife, you can keep your cool as now you are prepared with what needs to be done. You need to act smart.


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