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Determining A Used Watercraft Value Seattle: Employing A Surveyor

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If you are new to the world of watercraft and are looking to buy a used one, you might be an easy target for dubious sellers who are looking to cheat naïve buyers out of their money. It is thus useful to know how to determine a used watercraft value Seattle. If you don’t however, it is best you employ a competent surveyor.

What You Should Know

The Surveyor Should Report to you Directly

Since you will be the one paying the surveyor, it is only right that all his reports and findings come to you and no one else. This should change only if you request that the surveyor forwards his report to other parties such as an insurance agency.

Prepare the Craft

Whether you are determining a used watercraft value Seattle for insurance purposes or buy the vessel outrightly, it is important that the craft is prepared before the surveyor begins his job. Preparing the craft includes making sure that the surveyor has considerable access to all parts of the craft. Lockers should be emptied out.

You don’t want your surveyor having to deal with unnecessary items in the boat. Get rid of all items that will have no impact on the vessel’s value. Having your surveyor do this or wait till its done might stress him out. In the end, you may end up not getting a thorough assessment report.

Let the Surveyor Be

Many surveyors prefer either the owner of the watercraft (if the inspection is for insurance or pre-selling purposes), or its buyer (if it was a pre-purchase inspection) to be present on the day of the proposed task. This way he can point out things that he would not write down in his report. However, you shouldn’t cross the line between being present to hovering over the surveyor with every single move. You can easily slow down his job if you are always pestering him about things that will be reported to you later on.

Taking A Sea Trial

Your surveyor might decide to take the craft out for a spin on the sea.  This isn’t a joy ride. The purpose is to ascertain if the crafts’ engines, electrical, and other mechanical components are in good condition. Since some of these parts’ conditions cannot be ascertained if the craft is idle, it is important that a sea trial is carried out. That said, it is definitely not the time to have your entire family on board.

The Surveyor Should Be Conversation-Friendly

If you know very much about something, you’d always look for the opportunity to tell others about it. The same goes for watercraft surveyors. Most of them are always eager to converse with their employer. So, you should feel free to ask questions or seek pointers from them. A good surveyor will also be available to you after the survey has been carried out to explain things in his report that you might not understand at first.

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