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Get To Create An Instagram Style For Your Fashion Based Business Profile

Do you really want your Instagram feed to reflect the brand you are associated with? Then you must be looking for some ways for creating Instagram presence for the people to actually recognize with. Attracting the present audience on IG will always start with that well-planned approach to visuals. So, the time has come for you to define an IG style designed for your business. You need to be sure of the plans on your own, and it will work magically for you. Just be sure to get these points marked in your checklist and then follow the same accordingly.

Get the chance to echo brand’s visual identity well:

Some of the brand assets like colors, fonts and logos are some important tools, used for creating brand recognition and recall. Using these assets consistently is a clever way which will help your followers to identify posts more easily right in the feed. You can get some of the ideas sorted over here from Gramista.

  • For example, you can try checking out the IG profile of Freshii. It can easily and effectively incorporate logo into the IG posts. Even though they do not add their logo to every possible photo they post, but they end up doing so often enough for creating a perfect association.
  • On the other hand, you have another Instagram account of famous Cadbury, where they are all about repeating their iconic purple colored base. it will not just help in reinforcing the brand identity, but can also be used for just creating consistency in their IG aesthetic.

Always have to choose a signature filter:

One of the major and easiest ways for you to curate IG feed and then end up creating that cohesive aesthetic is always to find right filter and then trying to stick to it. Even though that actually does not mean that you have to stick with any of the single filter for rest of IG branding life, but is always mean limiting yourself only to few of the similar filters.

  • It is always the subtle visual form of hack but also quite effective. You can check out the IIIyria Pottery for that outstanding example.
  • Then you have the IG platform of famous TV personality Lauren Conrad, following the same filter on every photo posted. This is not just going to crate that cohesion in her feed but can also evoke mood or just feel for the current posts.
  • Whenever you are trying to choose a filter, make sure to think about the kinds of feelings you want to evoke when people will scroll through your feed. Do you plan to go for that Vintage or Classic look? Do you want to add that dark and provoking tone to your pictures? Or is it associated with bright and airy? Proper filter can always help in capturing particular mood for the current posts.
  • There is another fun filled way to think of using the IG filters. It is through the actual scientific study. You have Refinery29, which clearly shared some of the best filters, as per the science.

You can share “how to” content:

Using proper filter is not the only proven way to be a bit creative from your side and with the photos on IG. There are some additional ways for engaging with photography. For example, you have the photo collages, which are fun filled ways for featuring various images right in one single post. They are mainly visually quite dynamic in nature and rather useful for creating some of the visual content marketing tips.

  • Some of the brands like Benefit, which have already end up creating loads of products to feature, will always love making proper use of photo collages on IG.
  • These collages are mainly great for just creating some of the visual guides like some of the examples available online. For branding your collage, you can always add text, numbers or even the brand logo.
  • Thanks to this idea of collage, Staples has little fun in just showing their fans clever way to repurpose flossy disks into desk accessory. It is one major example of this notion.
  • Video also plays quite a major role in visual marketing content. Do you even know that those followers who watch videos are tend to be more around 85% of buying the item? By the time of 2019, it has always been predicted that around 80% of the internet traffic will have all these videos.

As IG now let you share 3 to 60 seconds videos and has rolled new IG stories feature, it is always mandatory to add some of the videos right to visual content mix. For example, you have BuzzFeed Tasty, which has monopolizes IG video trend deliciously as per the food industry. Using some of the fun filled background music and font overlay for showcasing recipes, these videos have already garnered millions of views rather easily.

Get to feature some product images from fans:

The field of social media is always about being connected to audience and nothing else will focus on better job rather than user generated contents. These forms of IG posts are important for mainly two reasons.

  • First of all, these contents can easily turn IG feed from brochure like album right into an organic and authentic form of storytelling vehicle.
  • On the other hand, they get to transform the audience right into a community for sure.

The fitness experts Katrina and Karena or the fashion experts have perfected the ideal image mix on the IG feed. Other than the product promotions, they are able to intermingle posts, which can highlight their works and related stories. They are here to help the subscribers of the companies to tell them some of the real and personal stories about the said journey.

No matter how big or small your fashion centric business is or whichever industry you are focusing on, getting a perfect IG style for the business profile has become a mandatory note these days for you to follow.

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