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How to Generate Leads for Small Businesses

Successful business owners constantly look for ways to grow their business. While business growth definitely takes time, one of the most important aspects of business expansion is having an influx of sales leads. Sales leads are people or companies (if your company sells to other businesses) interested in the products or services you’re carrying.

The goal for any business is to not only generate leads but also turn them into loyal customers. Here are six ways you can generate leads for your business.

1.    Know Your Target Audience

How can you run a business without knowing who you’re selling to? In order to generate leads, it’s important to identify your target audience. What are their interests? Where do they live? How much money do they make? The more specific you are the better. It’s also helpful to create a comprehensive marketing plan if you don’t have one.

2.    Choose Your Advertising Methods

Now that you have a target audience, the next step is to figure out how to get your products and services to them. There are different ways to promote your business. If you have a marketing plan, you’ll be able to identify the most effective advertising methods for your business.

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Almost every business today has some sort of promotional method, like an informational website, social media pages, speaking engagements, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and traditional advertising.

3.    Create a Sales Funnel

The third step is to create a sales funnel by collecting contact information from your target audience. One of the best ways to do so is to create a landing page that encourages them to share contact information (name and email address). Businesses usually offer a value-added incentive in exchange for their contact information, usually in the form of coupons, gift cards, and free samples. To keep track of the incoming potential customers, create a customer relationship management (CRM) database.

4.    Build Customer Relationships with Email Newsletter

Once you’re in contact with your leads, the next step is to establish a good customer relationship. As mentioned the ultimate goal of generating leads is to make a sale or better yet, a repeat sale. What do relationships need in order to grow? Constant communication; an email newsletter is the best way to maintain contact with your leads.

5.    Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Other than email newsletters, social media is a great way to communicate with potential customers and generate leads. Make use of social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and even Twitter to engage with your audience and find out what they need or want. The more engaging you are, your target market will more likely trust your brand and purchase from you.

Lead generation is a continuous process. Once you have a system in place by applying the sales tips we mentioned, you’re sure to increase your opportunities for business expansion. If you want to know more about running your small business, SMB Compass is here to help. We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses in the country and we can certainly help yours too! Feel free to contact us through email at [email protected] or via phone at (646) 569-9496.


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