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Top 5 Jobs You Can Get After Acquiring Microsoft Certifications (Salary, Skills)

Jobs You Can Get

Microsoft is best known for its Windows operating systems and Office software. However, the company has a much wider range of products, including online services, games, hardware and more. The company also has an extensive certification program that demonstrates that competent managers and technicians support the company’s application systems and products. Obtaining information certifications through the Microsoft Certification Program demonstrates the ability of a person in a particular role in information technology and can bring all kinds of professional and personal benefits.

Jobs You Can Get After Getting Microsoft Certification

With a professional Microsoft certificate, you may be eligible to work as the following job roles, depending on the certification program you complete.

Network-System Administrator

Network-system administrators design, install, and support LAN (WLAN), WAN (Broadband), Internet, and Ethernet systems. These systems need to be maintained and monitored to ensure the necessary access to users. In the event of a problem, system administrators must modify or strengthen network components. Administrators may also be responsible for system security. The work environment is usually comfortable for office workers as well. Administrators can work in small offices, government agencies or academic organizations, or large companies. Industries operating in many networks include banking, insurance, computer systems design and related services. According to the U.S. Employment BLS, this business is expected to grow at about the same rate as the average for all occupations between 2018 and 2028. BLS reported that these professionals will generate an average revenue of $ 82,540 per year.

Microsoft-365 Enterprise- Manager

Microsoft 365 Business manager evaluate, design, communicate, implement, and manage Microsoft services. When you receive the Microsoft 365 expert badge, you will let others know that Microsoft 365 Enterprise manager after obtaining MS Office 365 certification is responsible for evaluating, organizing, migrating, deploying, and managing Microsoft 365 services and demonstrate that you have the following skills: deployment services, ID management, and role, access management and authentication.

Computer Support Specialist

Other employees use technicians to solve technical problems related to software and hardware installation. Tasks may include answering questions over the phone and assisting colleagues or clients in understanding, managing, updating, or modifying complex computer systems. This type of work is ideal for workers. Potential employers include software publishers, equipment wholesalers and management companies. In the case of contracts with foreign support technicians, there is a general trend in which costs are cheaper. The BLS expects the number of jobs for computer professionals to increase by 10% between 2018 and 2028, which was faster than the national average for all professions. The average annual sales revenue of IT professionals is $ 50,955, reports BLS.

Software Engineer

The Internet is a collection of many things; You can find a lot if you start scratching the surface of a web forum or search engine. Many IT professionals would know how to agree on the importance of software systems and how without them the idea of ​​managing an organization or huge data would suddenly disappear. That’s why we need experts who can develop these custom software systems to keep the wheels running. You must complete a Microsoft Technology Company certification to get a job that this software can develop with the highest performance and vice versa.

Website Designer

It is without a doubt the most demanding line of work in the world. You can find a good number of web experts to help you create or develop your website. But guess what? Regardless of their professionalism or skills, they cannot be employed in specialized organizations due to lack of appropriate academic knowledge or certification. This is where the experts who completed the website development from a Microsoft technology associate come to this gap. Website designers can manage, develop, manage and use the websites of a particular company or organization and provide this service to all practical organizations or IT companies.

SharePoint Expert

Organizations strive to keep up with the growing needs of users and the complex integration of various SharePoint tools, applications, and features. In small organizations, SharePoint experts can also run as a SharePoint server. In large companies, a SharePoint expert could work on a project team to communicate requirements to managers, developers, and architects. Many SharePoint professionals come from SharePoint support services or the role of business professionals. Some SharePoint experts also act as advisors. Their job is to research and create solutions that improve business and meet customer needs. SharePoint Designer receives an average of $ 80,000 a year.

Computer Game Designer

This particular job requires professionals to gain a thorough knowledge of the various game systems, the essential elements of Adobe, Java and C ++ games, and to check with a graphics expert. However, to work as a computer game designer, you must complete a computer game designer certificate. The market for games and related technologies is advancing daily and there is a need for skilled and skilled professionals who can best work on the development of various games and related computer systems. The Microsoft Technology Associate Certificate is an innovative certification for all professionals who want to gain other advanced certifications and build a strong portfolio of information technology systems.

Information Systems Expert

Information systems experts monitor and maintain the information systems of their organizations. Their job is to identify possible flaws or shortcomings and then create and implement solutions to correct them. Using their knowledge of technology and business, they analyze the company’s capabilities in these two areas and work to make the organization more efficient. Computer systems experts can expect a good job market with good opportunities. The BLS predicts a 9% increase in specialist employment for its area. These people can also count on profitable salaries, where the average annual income of computer system engineers is $ 88,740, reports BLS. Microsoft is the largest software company in the world and offers several certifications that confirm that a person has professional skills in a variety of computer programs and applications. Microsoft certification can be useful for those looking for a job as a computer systems expert.

Development in Skills and Growth in Salary

Certification in this area is likely to increase your income, as most clients and employers can understand that someone has graduated. After all, it shows that they are experts in their field, and offering higher salaries to people with this knowledge is often rewarding most employers. Business Wire reported that online certifications increased salaries by 20-40%. also found that Microsoft certified people can earn up to $ 128,468 a year, depending on their location and functionality. Plus, if you’ve always wanted to work for Fortune 500, you get the chance to get a Microsoft certification. Many Fortune 500 companies hire Microsoft certified professionals. Some key results from this year’s results show that IT executives continue to earn more than $ 80,000 on average. According to respondents, their salary increased by more than $ 2,000 compared to the previous year – the year is probably nearing the end of the recession. Even better: they also said they would get almost $ 3,000 in bonuses.

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