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Ways To Find Japanese Used Car Exporter

Ways To Find Japanese Used Car Exporter

The largest vehicular industry is undoubtedly located in Japan. It is because of the optimal performance level and durability their used cars provide. Japan exports used cars to quite a few countries including New Zealand, Kenya, Russia, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, and others. The durability and affordable price points ensures that they remain a popular choice even in second-hand cars. 

The prime clients 

Japan sells around 50,000 used cars every month, and some of the top places where Japanese used cars are considered the most sought-after are: 

  • Russia
  • South America 
  • Dubai 
  • Zambia 
  • Sri Lanka 
  • Kenya 
  • South Africa
  • Singapore

When it comes to exporting used cars to different countries, Japanese exporters have favorably streamlined the process of buying and selling of these used cars. But, before you choose a Japanese used car exporter, you must be aware of one bitter truth. It is that not every Japanese car exporter is equally trustworthy.

Some practical ways to choose the right exporter of Japanese used vehicles

So, do you also want to choose a reliable Japanese car exporter? If your reply is yes, then you have to follow a couple of useful tips given below. 

  1. Ensure their authenticity: As already told above that not every Japanese company of used cars is equally reliable. So, how will you evaluate that the company is 100% authentic? Well, to do that, you need to ensure the authenticity of certain aspects related to that company. These aspects include: 
  1. Membership with Japanese Car Trade: Once you visit the company’s website, you will see a membership portal. It should be written that the concerned Japanese used car company is registered with the Japanese Car Trade
  2. A valid registration number: This includes an authenticated registration number that your used car exporter holds. 
  3. An authentic residence: While skimming through their website, make sure that your Japanese used car exporter also has a valid address. If you find out that they don’t have one, then don’t choose a company like that. 
  4. Year of Establishment: Before you choose a Japanese used car exporter, check out their year of establishment. 
  5. A brief introduction of the company: This is perhaps the most significant part of any Japanese used Car Company. Do they offer quick and easy car selling procedure? How many used cars they sell every year? These are some of the crucial factors you must ensure about your Japanese used car exporter before investing there.
  1. Check out whether it offers valid modes of contact.

Your Japanese-used car exporter must have a viable email ID and contact number apart from a valid address. Now the question arises that how to ascertain their authenticity? Well, it’s quite easy and straightforward. You have to put the email address and contact number on Google. If Google shows a relevant result, then it’s fair enough, or else don’t invest in that kind of a company.

  1. Association with Auction Houses

Chambers of Commerce, JERO, and JUMVEA are some of the most trustworthy auction houses. So, you must choose a Japanese used car exporting company which is associated with any of these auctions. If it isn’t, think twice before investing in it. 

  1. Consider some special instructions.

The fourth part includes the consideration of a few special instructions. They require you to do the following: 

  • Obtain the authentic registration documents regarding the police verification of your Japanese used car company. To do this effectively, you should contact either a substantial Japanese Embassy or some other organization. These include JETRO or the chamber of commerce, whichever is nearest to your house. 
  • Also, ascertain that the price option offered is not exceptionally low. It is said because mostly these types of proposals come from fraudulent companies. After the transaction gets over, they won’t revert to you any longer. 

Remember, that you must specify the actual criteria to your Japanese car seller. That will make it easier for him/her to sell you the right car with the best price option against it. 

  1. Check whether the company keeps a record 

This is the aspect that must come to your mind before choosing the attest Japanese used car exporter. Take at least a week to check this particular aspect. Please keep track of whether they are holding a regular record of their sold used cars or not. If they do so, then move ahead, or you might get cheated.

Choose the best service!

However, it’s always better to appoint experts to manage the services of a reliable and trustworthy Japanese used car exporter. They arrange for the reputed and dependable exporters to help you obtain the pre-owned Japanese car you have always wanted. They will also take care of the customs formalities in Japan and your home country to ensure a hassle-free import of car.

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