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5 Facts about the Home Buying Process

It can be very tricky to buy a home. You need to take a lot of things into account. It is a huge investment and you need to make it wisely. Before you consider the home, you need to make sure you know about a few facts related to the home buying process.

Facts to Know When Buying a Home

As mentioned earlier, home buying can be a challenging process. A home buyer needs to keep a lot of things in mind, especially because a home is more of an investment. You can easily buy a home if you keep a few facts in mind.

Fact #1: Home Buyers Mostly Go Off Budget

When buying a home, most first time home buyers end up going off budget. This usually leads to financial crisis and makes it really difficult for home buyers to buy a home. Before you set out on the quest to buy a home, it is important to have your finances evaluated. Know how much you can afford before you go to buy a home. This will help you in finding a home that matches your financial requirements.

Fact #2: Home buyers Often Don’t Write Down their Requirements

It is important for a potential home buyer to make a list of what they require their home to have. It is important for a home buyer to have the things they want their home to have written in a list form. Listing it down would help you as a buyer and help the real estate agent know exactly what kind of home matches your requirements. A home buyer needs to note that no home is perfect, you will have to make some compromises. When making a list, consider prioritizing it according to what you feel is important.

Fact #3: Home Buyers Think Hiring a Real Estate Agent Is Not Worth It

Many home buyers feel that hiring a real estate agent might just be a waste of money. Real estate agents do charge a lot of money. They usually charge between 2-4% of the price of the home, depending on where the home is located. In the UAE for example, real estate agents charge a commission of 2%. Which is a huge amount. On the other hand, real estate agents dedicatedly look for home sellers for you and if you are a home seller, a real estate agent will help you find a potential home buyer. This could take weeks or months. On average, selling a home could take between 2-5 months, in some cases even more. Hiring a real estate agent is a good idea especially if you are working and will not have time to entertain customers that want to buy your home.

Fact #4: Skipping a Home Evaluation

Home buyers often skip the home evaluation process. This is not a good idea, a home buyer or a home seller should always get their property evaluated. A home evaluation will help you know how much the home is worth before you go to buy it. You can hire an expert or consider getting an online home evaluation when it comes to buying a home. Some home sellers price their homes too high, by getting a home evaluation done you can find out if the home is worth it or not.

Fact #5: Verify the Paperwork

It is important for a home buyer to get the paperwork verified. When buying a home, make sure you have checked the paperwork of the home before you buy it. Most importantly, you need to make sure the home is being sold by the owner. In some cases, the documents of a home might not be complete or might be fake. It is always recommended to get the paper work verified when buying a home.

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