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Digital Marketing

Small Business Social Media Marketing- Free ways to skyrocket inbound traffic to your site!

Do you feel lost as a small business battling for survival in the massive online world?  Small businesses face a lot of challenges especially when it comes to promoting and marketing their businesses online. Establishing an online presence is a daunting task, and if you, as a small business owner, do not resort to smart marketing techniques, you are bound to sink into oblivion in no time!

What is the solution?

When it comes to generating inbound traffic to your business website, there is always a financial constraint. Unlike your larger counterparts, you cannot invest in a massive amount of money when it comes to driving targeted traffic to your website. It is hard for you to manage everything on your own. And hiring SEO specialists to draw inbound traffic to your site takes time, and so it is here that most small-scale business owners fall into a dilemma. Also, SEO is a hard subject for you to master in a short span of time. However, social media platforms come to the rescue as they are an affordable and convenient means of promoting and marketing your business. However, here too if you are not careful, you will fail!

Tired of failing?

Many small business owners have turned to social media platforms to reach out to their target audience. However, most of them are not aware of the right avenues with the help of which they can establish their web presence.

In fact, initially, whatever they try out new on social media platforms, they land up getting frustrated as they fail to see a surge in their website traffic. Social media users are choosy, and they will only share valuable content. Are your posts relevant? Are they engaging? And most importantly, how will you increase the digital footfall of your website?

How do you bring in more traffic to your business website?

Establishing your small business or promoting your brand virtually may prove to be tricky if you do not have sufficient funds to hire professional SEO or online marketing companies for the task. The good news is for social media marketing you do not have to hire an experienced professional for enhancing your brand visibility in the market. You have to be consistent and engage your target audience with the right kind of posts. You effectively can do it yourself and that too for FREE!

Experts from reputed digital marketing companies like Stormlikes help businesses improve Instagram likes and followers. They say you must use Instagram Stories to reach out to your target audience when it comes to generating web traffic to your business website.

There is intense competition in the social media market. This is why Instagram is gaining popularity as it helps you to market photos and videos easily. Unlike other social media platforms where you need to focus on content, Instagram gives you the chance to use pictures to reach out to the target audience.

All you need to do is upload the image and use the appropriate filters available on the platform. The best part of Instagram if you do not have to buy a special digital camera for taking pictures. There are high-quality photo filters that give your image unique appeal and quality.

Now, when it comes to driving inbound traffic to your business website as a small business owner, you are probably focusing on the wrong metrics and content. If you check the Internet today, you will find many credible resources provide you with information when it comes to generating traffic. However, ask yourself this question- Are they proven and tested methods to give you the desired results you are searching for?

It is likely that you may not be sure. The following points have proved to be effective and will walk you through the process of attracting traffic to your website via social media and that too free of cost-

  1. Optimize the content of your business website-If you wish to get the best results for your business, make sure that you optimize your business content regularly. If you do not pay attention to optimization, the traffic you enjoy will be temporary and be dwindling.
  2. Social media posting- Here, you need to adopt a strategy that mainly helps you to reach out to your prospective leads. These strategies should be different for different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and the like. Every strategy should be unique with the objective of every post being different.
  3. Inspire your audience with visuals – the first impression will work very positively for you if you wish to generate and improve traffic to your website. Several websites resort to visual content to help customers make purchasing choices.

When they can view videos, they are about 85% effective when it comes to influencing the buying decision. Videos will help customers to make a buying decision on the spot.

Use Instagram for driving visual traffic

If you wish to drive a large volume of visual traffic, master Instagram. This is one of the best avenues for photo and video sharing when it comes to social media marketing. On a daily basis, there are over 80 million videos and photos that are shared on Instagram.

However, here there is a lot of competition too. You need to be discreet and share engaging visual content that is relevant to your service or product. When it comes to visuals, you should use Instagram judiciously to engage the audience and get a maximum inflow of targeted audience to your website.

Instagram marketing strategy is essential for you to engage the audience faster if you are a small business owner. Post visual content regularly only when your network is active. Instagram insights will help you get the analytics of the performance of each post.

Ensure each of the posts you make is engaging and relevant to the product or service you sell. Make use of images and videos on Instagram Stories prudent. Use relevant hashtags and make sure that your post can convey the right set of messages to your audience. This not only brings traffic but will also increase lead conversions for your small business as well!

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